About Us

  Company founder, Barry McKee, has been around vehicles for his entire life. His father painted vehicles, allowing lots of time running around in paint & body shops. In his teens, he began working in paint & body shops as a paint prep, followed by a paint shop for aircrafts, before eventually moving on to the vehicle auction industry. In the auction industry Barry began as a lot attendant for a small public vehicle auction down the road from where he lived. He then proceeded to work his way through the company, learning valuable knowledge with each promotion that was provided. (Additional positions included lot manager, office clerk, office manager, tow truck operator, and Operations Manager)
  After the public auto auction, Barry began work for a larger corporate vehicle auction. Originally hired as a CSR, the knowledge acquired from his previous positions allowed a promotion to a title clerk position within his first 6 months, and then promoted to office manager of a near by facility for the company soon after.
  While reaching out to companies regarding removal services for units larger than what the yard agents could work on safely, he found that most companies would not travel to the vehicle location, and requested that the unit be brought to them. When he did find a vendor that would provide the service, they charged a large fee and took their time to complete the jobs.
  THEN IT CLICKED! With his previous knowledge from paint & body, combined with his added knowledge of what “the client” wants. He realized that he could provide companies with professional quality removal jobs at a significantly cheaper rate than any price that he had been previously quoted.
  Texas Decal Removal and Services LLC began operating under the DBA name of South Central Decal Removal in August of 2015, proving services in the central Texas area and Houston. We now provide onsite removal services for vehicle auction facilities, fleet service companies, dealerships, and other businesses throughout the state of Texas.

                                 We look forward to helping you out soon!