Why Us

  Why use Texas Decal Removal   and Services LLC?

We are insured.


  De-identification is a service that uses an extensive amount of a company’s time and plays a role in the value of a unit as well. From personal experience in the auction industry, and business in general, I have noticed that employees can alternate from task to task and lose track of actual hours worked. I personally have received numerous incomplete work orders. Both of these examples lead to improper billing and ultimately cost a company valuable revenue.

  By letting TDR complete the job, you can improve your company productivity, while we provide quality work at a cheaper rate than our competitors.

  You also reduce the risk of an employee damaging a unit or even injuring themselves with a razorblade, heat gun, or any other tool that may be used for the decal removal process.


Below is an example of a unit started by another source, then completed by TDR. Notice the left over adhesive on the unit where the decal had previously been scraped off.